Washington State Residents Vote to Strengthen Gun Control, but There’s a Catch

Many new state referendums passed during the 2018 mid-term election. This one however stands out from the rest, and its slipped by with very little news coverage.

And it shows exactly what is wrong with a so called democracy.

But get this, one police chief is taking a stand, from the small town of Republic, Wa.

So what is this new law?

Let’s take a look….

California Bail Reform, What you Need to Know.

After a 40 year battle, California becomes the first state to end cash bail reform.

The bill is an inevitable result of California’s appellate court decision which determined that cash bail was unconstitutional.

This is terrible news for bounty hunters, but is that a good thing for the public?

Here’s the deal, to weight the effects of this new “revolutionary”  bill, you must first understand the current bail system as it exists in most states today.