October 7, 2019– Monsanto Successfully Postpones Another Roundup Lawsuit

Since late 2018, when the first case was successfully decided against Roundup, Roundup Exposure lawyers have been bringing 1,000’s of lawsuits against Monsanto for injuries reported to be caused by Roundup.

Several more cases have been decided against Monsanto for it’s Roundup herbicide product, the most used herbicide in commercial use today.

Yet, it looks like Monsanto is beginning to find a legal strategy that works. According to US Right to Know or USRTK, another St. Louis Roundup lawsuit has been postponed.

Is this a turning point in Roundup litigation, or just a road bump for the people seeking justice against the company for injuries they say were caused by Monsanto’s Roundup product.

Though the company still maintains the complete and total safety of it’s product, regardless of dosages. Many studies have pointed out specific health risks that are likely associated with chronic use of the product. This despite the fact that the EPA has recognized the risks that the herbicides presence in drinking water, may pose.

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