Oct 13, 2019: Pesticide Manufacturers Keep Harmful Chemicals Hidden as “Trade Secrets”

According to “L. Anderson” who commented at the Record Eagle. Federal Insecticide Fungicide Rodenticide Act allows companies to keep harmful chemicals a secret from consumers.

According to other sources pesticide companies are required to report all inert ingredients to the EPA, but they are kept “confidential”.

To quote the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC):

“Other ingredients are not required by law to be specifically listed on the label. Full pesticide product formulations must be provided to the EPA, but they are considered trade secrets or confidential business information.3 Therefore, the manufacturers do not have to list them.”

Source NPIC

This could mean that very harmful chemicals can be added to pesticides without the consumers recognition. In the midst of the Roundup exposure trials this seems like a topic worth disusing.

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