January 5th, 2020- Ricky Gervais Monolouge Unleashes on Hollywood at the Golden Globes

In his third Golden Globe performance Ricky Gervais rips into Hollywood full bore.

The public loved it, Hollywood, not so much.

Throughout his speech Gervais didn’t let up, and the audience at the Golden Globes was mostly uncomfortable, but the viewers at home loved it. Calling for Gervais “to host the Golden Globes every year”.

Offering this perspective on After Life 2 and 2019l Gervais suggested, the lead character of After Life 2 obviously didn’t kill himself, because there was a season 2, “just like Jeffrey Epstein.”

As the crowd gasps he followed with “Oh shut up – I know he’s your friend.”

Then ended with a quip about them having to get their own jets to get to the Golden Globes, rather than using Epstiens.

But that wasn’t all…

To finalize his speech Gervais told the attendees to just get up accept their reward and say their thanks. Calling out Hollywood for their hypocracy in ignoring the slave labor the companies that hire the actors are engaged in, while lecturing the public about racism and global warming.

He told Hollywood to hold onto their political opinions and grandstanding saying:

“You’re in no position to lecture the public about anything.”

Some disconnected attendees took to Twitter in a rampage:

Unfortunately, so many in Hollywood truly don’t realize that the public doesn’t care about their award show, and Gervais actually made it entertaining.

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